Falu Red: Scandinavian Modern, Classic and Vintage 

Falu Red offers a curated collection of items celebrating the best of Scandinavian Modern, Classic and Nordic design and traditions. We select pieces from small craft houses, design studios, unique brands, and estate sales. Falu Red ties together the current trends in Scandinavian design with a love of history and craftsmanship.

The name Falu Red derives from Falu Rödfärg, the red color (with it's roots in Falun, Sweden) of many homes in the Nordic Countries.

Ann Stibeck and Mary Berg met while buying and directing the retail for the American Swedish Institute Museum Shop in Minneapolis, MN from 2005-2011 and were the creators of the original shopswedish.com. Ahead of their time, they had the idea of creating a boutique Scandinavian shopping destination within the museum rather than a traditional museum store. Falu Red reflects that mission.

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